ECig Rechargeable Battery Tips

We’ll go over a few tips and tricks to get an extended life and charge life out of your ecig rechargeable battery.

Regularly use the battery.
Ecig batteries also benefit from regular use. The more they perform, the easier power will flow through the battery’s cells. The lithium-ion batteries used in our e-cigs are designed to be used daily, which is why they’re also common in cell phones and other popular devices.

Keep your battery in a safe place.
With e-cig batteries, direct sunlight and heat can dramatically affect their lifespan. And we all know how electricity and water don’t mix, so keep your battery away from water. You should also be mindful of any jarring impacts, and protect your electronic cigarette battery from being dropped or otherwise sustaining a big hit.

Don’t let your rechargeable battery completely drain.
Waiting until the battery is fully drained before plugging it into a charger will most certainly reduce its life. You should try to recharge it when you’ve used ½ the available power but definitely when you begin noticing a loss in power.

Don’t store a dead or half dead battery.
Any batteries you store for future use should have a full charge. Storing them with 50% or less charge will cause them to drain faster. Similar to completely draining your battery before recharging, your e-cig battery will have to work harder to deliver the power you need to use your device. Like anything, the harder it has to work, the shorter its lifespan will be.

Disconnect your battery when it’s not in use.
When the cartomizer is connected to the battery, it’s always draining a little bit of juice, even when you’re not using your e-cig. That’s why disconnecting the cartomizer and battery extends the time between charges, which of course extends the number of recharges you can do and by extension, the time before you’ll need to replace the battery.

Disconnect the battery when it’s done charging.
When you’re done charging, take your battery off of the charger as soon as possible. Doing so will ensure you’re not overcharging the battery, which can overwork the device and reduce its lifespan.

Keep the battery contacts clean.
One more thing you need to do to ensure long battery life is make sure the contacts between the battery and the cartomizer stay clean. Over time, they can either get dirty or even moist, which can ruin an e-cig battery. Use a cotton swab, Q-tip or alcohol pad and periodically wipe down the threads and contacts where your cartomizer and battery hook together.

Vapor Cigarettes used to smoke Pot

Reports are coming in that some people are using electronic rechargeable vapor cigarettes to smoke pot in a very discreet way. Police say that since the vapor from these e cig devices are not very aromatic, the vapor isn’t very visible and the devices themselves are small and look like a regular cigarette in same cases, it’s hard for anyone to notice when people are smoking pot with them.

There are many videos on youtube and sites on the net where they explain how to use rechargeable vapor cigarettes for smoking pot and officials are worried that the trend may lead to more widespread use of marijuana. Especially with minors who are able to buy these devices since they aren’t regulated yet.

Rechargeable Water Vapor Cig

Rechargeable vapor cigs is what you want to buy these days if you want looking to get a way from smoking a regular cigarette.  Using a vapor cig that generates a water vapor allows you to avoid many of the health issues related to cigarettes.

The reason why vapor cigarettes are not as dangerous as your traditional cigarette is that there is no tar.  You are not burning any tobacco so all of those toxic chemicals that the tobacco companies bath the tobacco leafs in – do not exist here.

Instead, when you smoke a rechargeable water vapor cig, a smokeless cloud is created.  It looks like real smoke to the naked eye but it is not.  Its odorless.  It doesn’t have those toxic chemicals that can cause your love ones – second hand smoke.

In fact, its not smoke.  It is a water vapor.  And that is the beauty of vapor cigs.

So if you are a e cig beginner, just purchase a rechargeable vapor cig and you will be on your way to true smoking freedom.

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